3 “On the Go” Outfits under $100

Hi my babies!

No matter how much money we have, we all like a good deal!  So, I’m going to show you how you can create three different “On the Go” outfits just under $100.

Living in Los Angeles and on your own can be tough and hectic,  so trying to stay on top of the latest trends can be a challenge. Most people, including me, don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on luxurious designer items and beautiful jewelry… Definitely not a priority! As much as I would rather spend my rent money on a pair of Gucci pumps and a Chanel glasses, it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do plus I love my place way too much.  For now I will hold off on the designer splurge and stick to pieces that won’t break my bank!

Outfit #1

I’m such a fan of thrifting especially when I find things that are on trend from way back when. This first outfit was inspired from a 90’s look and it’s totally affordable, not to mention it’s perfect for any day or night out on the town. I paired my outfit with a Brandy Melville black bodysuit and a pleaded checkered “skort”…. I personally love skorts, for those that don’t know what that is, it’s a skirt and shorts combined. So you are chic and comfortable…It’s truly the best! To top my outfit, I added a cabby hat and my thigh high black boots from Lola Shoetique (which I’M OBSESSED with). They are so comfortable and go with just about everything. So for those not too hot nights this is a great choice.

Outfit #2

Nothing says summer like a yellow two piece! This cute duo also comes in blue and pink. This is a perfect fit for any casual summer activity, whether you are going to the beach, farmers market, or just meeting friends for a quick bite to eat, this outfit works perfect! I love this two pieces,  It’s super comfy and effortless, this is the type of ensemble you could wear for hours and never want to take it off. The top comes with a tie in the back that is adjustable and the shorts come with a waistband at the top. I paired this two piece with these TO DIE FOR tassel earrings (OBSESSED, if you can’t tell) and my clear heels, which are my go to when I don’t know which shoes to wear. You should always have a pair of neutral heels that go with everything, it makes life a lot easier.

Outfit #3

When I think of “On the Go” outfit I think of a dress. For my third outfit I’m keeping it casual with my off the shoulder blue and white striped dress that go horizontally rather than vertical. It’s always handy to have those statement dresses that have that wow factor effect.

This dress comes with rouging at the bust area and bell sleeves.

HOW FUN IS THAT!  I wore white buckle booties and red lip to keep the look playful.

So here you have it, three outfits under $100! Not a bad deal! You can wear this outfit any time of the day whether you are running errands or meeting your beau for a date night dinner. Also, If it gets chilly just add a fitted denim jacket. I will be sure to link all pieces below!

Outfit #1

Black Bodysuit- Brandy Melville


Vintage Skort- Thrift Store


Black Thigh High Boots- Lola Shoetique


Cabby Cap- Forever 21


Outfit #2

Yellow Two Piece- Love Culture

Top-  $19.00

Shorts- $19.00

Colorful Tassel Earring- Love Culture (Sold Out but Similar)


Clear Heels- Lola Shoetique (Sold Out but Similar)


Outfit #3

Striped Dress- Zara (Sold Out but Similar)


White Booties- Lola Shoetique


I hope this gives you a few ideas on how to play with your budget and look fabulous!  You don’t always have to buy the most expensive pieces or spend lots of money to look good and stay on trend! Be creative, and remember money doesn’t always buy style.

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