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Trends are always coming and going from season to season, but we all know that once a trend has made its début it’s very hard to be forgotten. No matter how long ago they started or how long they’ve hidden, we can always count on the styles that our moms once considered a must or the styles we saw when we were growing up in 90’s or 2000’s to return one day.

Currently, a huge trend are fishnets! From fashion shows to social media, fishnets have transformed from a simple pair of tights into a layering piece that can complement any outfit. Not only these tights are being use under just about everything, but they have found their way into other style of clothing as well. They originally started in the 1900’s, one fable tells the story of asking who told a peasants that he would marry his daughter if she could solve his riddle. “Then said the king, come to me not clothed, not naked, not riding, not walking, not in the road, and not off the road, and if you can do that I will marry you. So she went away, put off everything she had on, and then she was not clothed, and took a great fishing net, and seated herself in it and wrapped it entirely round and round her, so that she was not naked, and she hired an ass, and tied the fisherman’s net to its tail, so that it was forced to drag her along, and that was neither riding nor walking.  The ass had also to drag her in the ruts, so that she only touched the ground with her big toe, and that was neither being in the road nor off the road.”  Talk about thinking out of the box… Others say fishnets began in the early 1900’s with the showgirls of the famous Moulin Rouge (love that movie). Regardless of their origin, they have really evolved throughout the years and now they are back!!

I started wearing fishnets in middle school… and that was brave as kids can be so cruel sometimes especially if you don’t “fit in”.  It can become a crime if you wear something different or even like music that is not “cool”. I loved to wear different things and I since I was a child, I was always taught to express myself in creative ways and to be authentic, but apparently that was perceived by some people as odd so of course I was picked on! But that is a different article on its own.

Anyway, I loved wearing fishnets! I have all the colors, pink, black, blue, green. So I don’t have to tell you how much I love that they have finally come back AND in a much better way too. Another plus is, most places sell them for $10 and under… c’mon who doesn’t love an affordable trend. Typically when we think of tights we would wait until it cools down a bit to wear them but with fishnets you can throw them together with any type of style, and you can always adjust them to your style. If you’re looking to add a layer of warmth, that necessarily won’t work because they won’t keep you warm like a pair of normal tights would. Think of them as a way of adding texture to your look. You also have to take into consideration what size of net you feel most comfortable with. There are super tiny fishnets while there are super big ones as well. I love them all, I never discriminate! If you feel like the fishnets will be too much under your super fitted jeans, you can always go for the fishnet socks. They work with pretty much everything if you style them right. One of my favorite looks is the 70’s inspired look, I wear my fishnet peeking out between my skirt hemlines and knee-high boots, you can add a little punk appeal to a one of your ensembles, or you could go bold and spice up your look with a white lace dress with a leather jacket and knee-high buckle boots, and of course, fishnets. Right now, one of my favorite styles, and it kind of came out of nowhere, is the baggy band tee and ripped denim with fishnets underneath to give it that edgy, grunge look. I don’t know what it is about fishnets but they just make me feel sexy and confident.

On a side note, If you’re going to wear a band tee make sure you know at least three songs!!

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