From desk to drinks!

If you live in a busy city like Los Angeles, New York, Miami or Las Vegas, your commute is probably a headache! So going home to change after a long day at the office is totally out of the question. Sometimes just getting from work to home can take me an hour and once I get home the thought of having to fight traffic again, just to meet my friends, is not very enticing.

In a perfect world I would love to wake up as the sun beams into my bright and fresh bedrooms ready to start the day, after a healthy breakfast smoothie head over to yoga for a nice relaxing and regrouping class, then meet the girls for lunch to talk about the latest trends, gossip and travel spots that are a MUST. Perhaps do a little shopping and then go home to get ready for a glamorous night out on town!

Yeah right… maybe one day, but as of now I need to be a bit more realist, and practical, with my day to day routine. As most single women, I work from 9 to 5, I am involved in a few project, I have a blog and no help from home! SOOOO, sometimes it can be difficult to manage my social life, work life, love life, and give myself a little TLC.

Since we all can’t live like the lifestyle influencers we follow on social media, I have a few tips and tricks to turn your 9 to 5 wardrobe into a girls night out outfit without having to stop home first or have to bring a suitcase to work. So no need to pack a bag, just bring a couple of statement pieces to go from professional to fabulous.

Let’s start with the basics! If you know you are going out, make it easier by wearing some basic pieces that will help you transform your every day look to happy hour style.

Leave home wearing a flirty pretty dress, or those pants that fit you really well, maybe even a pencil or leather skirt!  There is something about a leather skirt that always makes me feels edgy and chic in a not-trying-so-hard kind of way. You can wear this with a chambray top or slim turtleneck for the day and to give it that night look just pair it with a motto jacket or maybe try a sexy sleeveless shirt, covered up with a blazer or a cardigan, grab the pumps or flats and go to work. At 5pm bring your Cinderella out and get ready for a fun night!

Tip #1: Let’s get rid of the blazer! Nothing says fun and outgoing louder than a leather Jacket! I am always looking for an easy item I can add to transform from day to night and this is one of my fav ladies! Just like that, you can change your outfit drastically and be ready for a night on the town!

Tip #2: The shoes… Bold heels will make a difference! One way you can amp up any basic outfit is with the right shoes, so let’s switch those loafers into a pair of fashion forward heels. It’s just that easy!

Tip #3: Let’s don’t forget about the accessories…

First the purse! Put that bulky one in the trunk and grab the little one for a more chic look. We honestly only need a lipstick, credit card, and an ID. You can’t forget about the BLING! Another statement piece, Earrings! You can never go wrong with a statement piece like structural earrings. This is the perfect add on to make your outfit pop for your evening soirée. It takes minimal effort to make you look “oh so chic”! But make sure you bring a couple of options, your mood might change during the day and you don’t want to be stuck with one choice.

Tip #4: Last but not least… hair and make-up! Nothing too elaborate is needed, just a few extra curls or maybe a messy bun will do the trick! and for the make-up, a little extra highlight here and there, a bold lipstick shade, some eye liner and you are ready to hit the town.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you remember that every hour is “happy” when you are fabulous!

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