How to “DIY Denim”

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Every time I step out into the busy streets of Los Angeles I always see people in frayed bottom jeans or bare butt jeans and I am tempted to stop and ask them, “Where did you get your jeans?”. I’m always so envious because I can never find jeans that fit just right and also have the bare butt and the fray bottoms. After contemplating whether I should muster up the courage to walk up to one these people, I asked! So guess what?

Ask and you shall receive!

The reason I haven’t found them yet is because they didn’t buy them somewhere. Come to find out that they were homemade. Which honestly took me by surprised. I mean these jeans looked professional! I guess if you want something done right, do it yourself… am I right or am I right?

So anyways, I am going to take you through the fascinating DIY experience and for all you DIY denim virgins out there, I suggest you don’t start chopping up your favorite pair of jeans! Practice on a pair you kind of like but don’t mind ruining, just in case! Or maybe get a pair of jeans that you don’t like as much and practice. They have some good pairs of jeans at Forever21, Zara, or H&M. This way you won’t have to stress about being perfect on your first try!

The other positive about “DIY denim” is that you’re in charge of how cropped you want them to be or how high or low you want the holes to be. You’re basically like a barber but for your jeans! SOOOO much less pressure if you mess up because jeans can’t talk or ask for their money back. (; You’re in the clear! So don’t be a-frayed and have fun with it!

Here we go…

1. The 4 main things you will need!

• Fabric scissors or regular scissors

• A pair of jeans

• Washer & dryer

• Your Imagination!!!!!

2. Let’s do this!

• When you’re cutting make sure to keep the denim pulled tight! This will keep the trim as straight as possible on the first try. If you need to use a ruler and a pencil, do so! Then when cutting, keep in mind how cropped you want to go, less is always more. Maybe start at the bottom seam and work your way up to the desired length! Also remember it will look shorter after you are done.

3. Last but not least!

• You can either damp the part of the cut section or just throw them in the washer. This is an important step to get the results we want.

• After you wet them, throw them in the dryer to get the full fray effect!

I would love to see some pictures of your masterpieces so send them to me or tag me on your posts!


Thalia Trentacarlini



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