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New serious obsession ALERT…. colored lens sunnies! The other weekened I went to San Francisco with my friends! We love to visit different places, try the signature foods, visit the towns, learn a little about the culture  and of course check out the fashion trends! I am always looking for inspiration everywhere I go!

Before my trip, I found these amazing shades that look like if I had rescued them from my grandma’s “memory trunk”. Well, not really! Let’s say they are a modern version of them because they are making a comeback!!!! and I am crazy about them!!! Everyone thought I was absolutely out of my mind for wanting to jump on that bandwagon, but once they saw how I can accessorize them… They couldn’t resist and bought some for themselves!

Glasses are more than just a fashion statement and have been around for a long time. Here’s a little history on these colored lens sunnies! It’s believed that blue or green tinted glasses could correct impaired vision, Meares-Irlen syndrome, more commonly known as “visual stress” is actually very common. Stars like Johnny Deep need to use them even though we might believe he was just making a fashion statement.

About 10 percent of people with dyslexia are believed to have visual stress. Also many people with autism, ADHD, migraine, photo-sensitive epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, as well as stroke victims suffered from Visual stress and colored lenses help them a great deal. Quite honestly, I would not mind rocking blue or green shades around the office! I have the worse vision so that would 100% benefit me or anyone else who might need them. Yellow or brown shades were used for people with Syphilis in the 1900’s  and early 1920’s because of how sensitive their eyes were to the light, but massive production started in 1929 after Sam Foster created Foster Grand and became really popular in Hollywood and later during World War II when Ray Ban created the anti-glare aviator style sunglasses. Those were supposed to be worn to protect the eyes from sun light but more and more the style of the sunglasses became a fashion statement.

Sunglasses became more popular after celebrities started to use them all the way back in 1937. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn as well as socialites like Jackie O put them on the map! Her oversize glasses were a must have in the 1980 and still are!

I love that sunglasses have become so diverse, they come in all shapes and size, colors and tints. Don’t get me started on the effect it can add to any outfit, this statement accessory can really give a basic outfit… a new life. Spring is around the corner, the sun is about to be shining, so have fun with your fashion picks! Check out below where you can find a few trendy yet affordable colored lens sunnies…

A1 celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Shea Marie and many more trendsetters inspire me everyday with their bold sense of fashion but as much as I follow the trends I like to personalize my style and create original, fabulous looks! I love to stand out and be unique. I believe it’s important to keep our individuality. Who wants to be the same as everyone else anyways!

So going back to my new fav, say, “YES” to yellow shades, while running around town or just doing everyday life, to block out any harsh sunlight! Contrary to popular beliefs, these are more than just a fashion accessory.

Photos taken by: Brad Goodman

Classic Aviator Style Metal Frame Glasses

34 colors



Retro Slim Full Metal Frame Glasses

Red, Green, Purple


Black Rectangle Glasses

Yellow, Red, Blue, 3D



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  1. ❤️Love the little history lesson, I learned something new. And it’s so much cooler when people actually understand the history behind a trend instead of blindly following 😎 #historyoffashion #themoreyouknow

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