My Top 5 Must-Have Pieces for Summer

Rompers, fringe leather bags, pearl sandals, denim skirts, and sunglasses may seem like a bunch of random items, but put them all together and you have a perfect summer starter pack that will have you ready for anything! Of course, you won’t exclusively wear these pieces, but when matched with the season-less pieces you already own, you’ll have the most functional and fashion forward wardrobe for the upcoming months.

Summer can be very unpredictable, you never know how hot it will be and my number one fashion rule is to always be comfortable in anything that I wear. If you’re not comfortable then it’s harder to “rock” an outfit to its fullest potential. I’m originally from Las Vegas. the temperatures there are very extreme, and a few years ago I  moved to Los Angeles so now that I live in LA I am able to be a little more flexible with my attire during the summer because it’s not blazing hot!

Rompers are amazing because you don’t even have to try… all you have to do is pair them with good shoes and accessories, and your outfit is complete! They are comfortable, trendy, and easy to dress up and down! Of course, you are going to have some downfalls to every piece of clothing because nothing is perfect. For example rompers are terrible when using the restroom! OMG Who likes to get completely naked just to use the restroom! Just keep that in mind when you are in a hurry!

Fringe bags are everything to me right now! If you follow me on Instagram then I’m sure you can tell how much I love my white fringe bag from JustFab. It looks so trendy and fresh whenever I wear it. It also adds a little something extra to your outfit and let’s face it, that never hurts!

I’ve seen pearl embroidery everywhere this season! Especially in Zara, they have skirts, denim, dresses, and another one of my obsessions pearl sandals. I love finding pieces that look chic and expensive but are actually extremely affordable. I’m definitely a bargain shopper, styles are always coming and going but since trends do tend to come back I don’t mind spending a little more on a couple of good quality signature pieces.

Denim skirts are EVERYWHERE! I love them, they remind me of when I was in the eighth grade. When I used to shop at Beachcomber or Hollister and had a million of those slogan T-shirts. That said for example, ” Can I borrow a million dollars.”. You see a lot of fashion influencers rocking them in all different ways now! A few of my favorite types of denim skirts are the regular colored denim and the black denim with a distressed look. They are so easy to pair too which is a plus… You can pair them with a crop top, bodysuit, or an over-sized sweatshirt, depending on your mood.

Sunglasses are a must for every season! You’ll always need sunglasses, they work for every season! The downfall to sunglasses is that they are very easy to lose. I always lose my sunglasses so I don’t normally like to buy expensive brands and I do, I only use them on special occasions. I like to find glasses that look similar and that aren’t very expensive.  I’m currently obsessed with my Celine look-alike shades. I got them for 20$ on the streets of Hollywood and Highland… WHAT A STEAL! Moral of the story chooses what you spend your money on wisely!

I hope my top 5 items for summer helped you get a better idea of what to get. Always remember to look for the better deals before spending your money on trends that will only last you a season, sometimes is wise to wait a little before you break the bank! I love sharing my thoughts and tips with you all, it brings me joy when I’m able to help others. Thank you for reading and reach out for any questions or ideas you would like me to write about!

Black Maxi Dress (Sold out but similar less expensive piece)

Skirt Denim Mini Skirt $29.00 

Blouse (Sold out but similar less expensive piece)

Black Crop Top (Sold out but similar less expensive piece)  

Pearl Sandals Flat Black Strappy Sandals $59.90

Vans Checkered Vans $50.00

White Fringe Purse (Sold out but similar less expensive piece)

Shades (Sold out but similar less expensive piece)

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