Rantong Elephant Sanctuary


Elephants are my FAVORITE animal and to be one on one with these amazing creatures made me love them even more. They are truly magical and extremely intelligent. We able to learn how to care of them, bathe them, and ride them (bareback). It was amazing to be able to spend an entire day with these animals and learn about their daily routines. When we arrived to the rescue camp they provided us with special clothing and we put our stuff in lockers. Then we got to have our first ride.



Everything was going perfectly well as expect until our elephant took the wrong way and ended up in muddy pond, my sister was terrified and I can’t blame her. She was in front and every time Superman (that is the name of our elephant) tried to climb up, she felt she was falling off. She was having an panic attack! I was so nervous I started laughing which didn’t help the situation. Our elephant was much younger than the others so he was more playful and full of energy.


At one point of the ride, my elephant thought it would be a good idea to spray me with mud. Great picture opportunity, but not very sanitary. I was literally the only one covered in mud… The second time my other sister Sophia rode with me. This time he SOAKED us both but all we could do is laugh and enjoy this adventure together.
Right before we went to eat, we were able to learn the process of getting their food. We actually cut the grass that the elephants eat with a machete and feed them! Once they saw us coming with the grass Oh my God they came charging at us. My mom was holding her grass up and an elephant almost ran her over. I have never seen my mom run to so fast. It was so funny! We kept telling her to drop the food so they wouldn’t chase her but she just kept running!
The rescue had a new baby elephant too. WE GOT TO FEED THE BABY ELEPHANT! Okay… I don’t have words to describe how freaking cute this elephant was. It was like dumbo and man, this baby could eat. We must have fed him 60 bananas!

By the end of the day I felt like a native … I was barefoot in traditional Thai clothes and mud all over me. I didn’t recognized myself…. Being in Thailand so far has been very different from all the places I have gone to in my life. Everything is so basic here. People are so content with life and make do with what they have! They don’t need much and what they need they have. That is so inspiring. Life can be so simple…


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