Skin Care Routine using Meaningful Beauty

Happy Monday!

As promised I told you a few weeks ago I would share with you my skin care regime. I started using Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford a couple of years ago because of my mom. I was the worst when it came to skin care because I never really had acne. I was one of the lucky few, don’t get me wrong I had a few pimples but it would like one or two big ones every month. I never realized how important it was to start taking care of your face at an early age. I would always get facials and I was always get reminded that I needed to moisturize and use eye cream to prevent wrinkles and dry skin. I never listen, I was young… that’s my excuse!

It wasn’t until I turned 20 and my cousin told me I had crows feet… I about died! It kind of felt like the first time I saw stretch marks on the side of butt… I totally freaked.  Anyways, I went straight to my mom and she told me about Cindy Crawford’s line called Meaningful Beauty. My mom is a drop dead gorgeous Peruvian bombshell so obviously I agreed to try it out because I want to look like her when I am 50!

Moral of the story I’ve been hooked ever since, It really does bring out the best in the real you. Each product does something positive for you whether it’s moisturizing, reducing wrinkles, or balancing uneven skin tones. There are so many amazing products in this line but I want to show you the three I love the most.

Here are the 3 products that I can’t live without!

Day time Eye Enhancing Serum$64.00 (Targets: Wrinkles & Crows feet)

  • Visibly diminishes the look of fine lines
  • Improves hydration
  • Fights premature aging

Lifting Eye Creme- Advanced Formula $60.00 (Targets: Fine lines & Wrinkles)

  • Firms, Smoothes, & Brightens
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Antioxidant- enriched

Night time Creme De Serum $90.00 (Targets: Fine lines & Wrinkles)

  • Visibly Reduces the look of wrinkles
  • Helps increase skin’s hydration
  • Visibly Firms, Tones, & Smoothes

All the products are linked. Let me know what your skin care routine is and what your favorite products to use are!

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