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We have finally made it! Since I was little my mom has always said, “One day we will go to Thailand.” I’ve never doubted her because when she says we’re going to do something, she ALWAYS follows through. 
Our first stop in Thailand was Bangkok. It was quite the adventure I must say. It took 19 hours and two flight to get to there. The first flight was 14 hours from Los Angeles to Beijing Hestia then 5 hours from Beijing to Bangkok. It literally took a full day of traveling! Even though we slept in the plane, we were still exhausted! We ended up getting to the hotel around 2 am after my family and I got our luggage and met up with our tour guide Anne. She was the cutest human EVER!
We cramped a full city tour in a day and a half!! But before I get to that, let me just tell you guys about our first few hours in the hotel. We got there at 2 am, tired and hungry, so we immediately ordered room service. Las Vegas is 14 hours behind so we were so jet lagged we could not fall asleep and we had to be up and ready by 8 am, my mom told us we needed to take a sleeping pill so we could get some rest and that the best way to take it was with an empty stomach. We needed to get a good nights rest so we can be ready for a full day of touring the next day…. Well I don’t know if it was the fact that we are on the other side of the world but 5 min later the pill kicked in! And for some reason it made us all sick. All I remember is my mom and sister puking in the bathroom (literally it was like the scene from bridesmaids when they were trying on the dresses and got food poisoning) and the rest was history! The next thing I remember is I’m walking up at 5 am with wet hair, in my pj shirt, and a half eaten cheese burger next to me. It’s safe to say I will never take full sleeping pill again.
It is now 8:00am and we are meeting Anne in the lobby of our hotel to start our tour! The first stop was to the Train Market. The train market is a long narrow alley that has train tracks right in the middle of it. Local vendors line up next to the tracks, and then quickly disperse as the train approaches the bustling market. You can’t even imagine how small the space between the little tents and the tracks are. If you are walking through the market, you walk on the train tracks. It was such an amazing experience to see how people in Bangkok buy their food compared to America.

The second place we went to was the Floating Market. We got to see two types of floating markets. One for the locals which was located in Tha Kha and one that was for the tourist, which was insanely busy. I have never seen so many boats and little floating shops in my entire life… They had everything from food, to souvenirs, to clothes, to snakes! The photo opportunities were insane!! It was a huge difference with the local market which only had three boats and pop up shops.

One thing I enjoy in the local floating market was a calming boat ride through out the canals, it was beautiful to see the scenery. There were so many butterflies and dragon flys that surrounded us as we flooded through the canals you really felt like you were in a different world.

From there we headed to visit the temple that holds the emerald Buddha called Wat Phra Kaew and the Royal Grand Palace. As soon as we got to the temple, it started to rain. I have never seen so much water pouring from the sky! Our guide told us it normally rains once a day in Thailand and is usually in the afternoon so that was it, we needed to adapt. We didn’t let that stop us, I have to say my sisters were troopers. We took our shoes off, which is required to visit the temples and palace and we embraced the adventure. It was such an experience to learn about the history behind each Buddha.

Did you know they have a Buddha for every day of the week? So according to which day of the week you were born, a Buddha is assigned to you. I was born on a Tuesday. Luckily next on our tour we were heading to see the Wat Pho or reclining Buddha, and guess what? THAT WAS MY BUDDHA!

We went back to the hotel for a couple of hours and got ready for dinner. But before that we stopped at the Flower Market and China Town! What ever you hear about Chinatown in Bangkok is short to the experience. Craziness is an understatement. Cars, food, vendors, people, lady boys, music, more food, etc. traffic is ridiculous and no rules what so ever. Anne told us that to cross the street you have to count to three, close your eyes, and hold your breath. Omg. I couldn’t believe we actually did it!!

We had the opportunity to taste a couple of things while we were there. Not much as food though because we had reservations at The Dome to meet Martha, my mom’s friend. The Dome is on top of the Lebua. This is the restaurant from Hangover 2!!!! Absolutely breathe taking. After you get in a elevator and land on the 65th floor you walk to an open space on the top of 20 something stairs and then there is the most amazing view of Bangkok. A band playing, a bar right in the middle of it, tables with white linen and the most beautiful setting. I felt I was in a movie myself, you literally feel on top of the world. Dinner was fabulous! The weather couldn’t have been better, it was the perfect ending to our first day in Thailand.

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