What I packed for my Vacation to South Africa

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to embark on an experience of a life time! My family and I went to South Africa! When packing for such an amazing trip, I couldn’t help but ponder on what to bring. Was South Africa really like in the movies or a downplayed version where you can let you hair down and not worry about a single care in the world?

I knew I had to pack light, the weather was a factor but style, style was a must! Another reason why I had to pack light was because I couldn’t possibly pass up shopping in Cape Town. They have the same stores as in the States but the fashion trends are so different and to die for!

I knew a couple of safari’s were in the itinerary but I had also planned to explore the town and learn about the different cities I was visiting. My favorite part about visiting South Africa was that there was so much history and so many places to go.

As I rumbled through every fashion site, blog, and pin from Pinterest, I put together some cute outfits I thought would work for city and for the games, (that’s how safaris are called) from super casual to over-the-top, so I could be prepared for any activity. I knew that even if I printed out outfits or put together pieces, chances were I would go by the vibe of the environment or how I am feeling. So I brought some key pieces, accessories and one or two night outfits just in case.

I want to show you guys a few of my outfits and how I pieced them together for the different places we went, while reusing a lot of them. On a side note most of the safari camps have laundry services so that made it easier to recycle some pieces.

On one of the days in Cape Town, our amazing tour guide took us to the mountain side, where the vineyards are and the air is crisp. We had chocolate and wine at Waterford Wine Estate and then we had the opportunity to visit the stunning Delaire Graff Estate for lunch, over viewed by the slopes of the Mountain Peak. A must see place if you have the time!

That day I wore a black floppy hat, leather jacket, an off the shoulder bodysuit, high waisted jeans, and my lace up booties. The hat came in handy for most of those rainy days in the city as well at the leather jacket. It was easy to wipe off the water droplets from my shoulder.

The diversity in Cape town allowed me to challenge my imagination. On our last day we visited the colorfully quarters! One of my favorites places, not only for the history but the amazing photography opportunity available in each little street.  The colorful walls makes you feel so alive and giddy! It’s always been a dream of mine to have pink colored house, so I was a happy girl! That day I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone. I had been wearing my black high waisted denim very frequently, they are comfortable and easy to pair different pieces with, so to change up the look a bit I wore my gingham bell sleeve top and a pair of vans for comfort a I am glad I did as there was a lot of walking that day! To top my outfit I put on my red lipstick.

This was one the tops I bought at the Cape Town mall in Zara.

I loved constructions so much, trendy and chic!

When we got to Mala Mala for our first Safari, the weather was fluctuating quite a bit. It would be freezing in the early morning, then around lunch time, early afternoon it would be fairly warm, and at night it would be chilly again. We have two game drives planned a day which allowed me to change my outfit two or three times a day.

In the morning I would cover up a lot more and dress for comfy. My only concerns for the morning drives were being warm and making it easy to drop pants lol…some of this rides can be long and my bladder didn’t give me much breaks after so many coffee and tea breaks.

In the afternoon it was easier to dress cute. Layers were so important! Best thing I learn on this trip…Layer up and layer down, depending on the weather.  I have to confess that more than once I felt like Margot Robbie in the movie Tarzan, especially when the breeze of fresh air blew through my hair. Really there is nothing like it…. I was definitely channeling that character throughout my time in Mala Mala and Singita.

We were so inspired we shoot a couple of pictures for our Holiday card! There is never a dull moment with my family, got to love them! The outfit I wore for our photo shoot was my beige fedora hat, a tan bodysuit, a sheer button up tied in the front, I reused my black high waisted jeans again, and my lace up booties.

All together it was a wonderful experience. Nothing you pack or expect can prepare you for South Africa, so go with the flow, get creative and have fun!

This was just a taste of the adventures I had during my vacation, I will be posting more about my trip on my blog soon. I can’t express the love I have for Africa. .. the people, the culture, the history, the food, the shopping. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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